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POW WOW 2015 - Honor

There will be Knights, Noblemen and maybe even a few Peasants. 

Download the registration package now and get your information in early.

                                    2015 PowWow Registration.pdf

Rules and Guidelines

Catapult Competition:


Build: All frame work must be made of wood.  You can use bolts, screws, nails, etc to secure together.  


**note extra points will given for period correctness


The base can be no more then 4' x 6'.  Any launch arm can be no longer then 8'.  Base must be able to sustain launch.  You will NOT be allowed to stake any portion to ground.  Please remember you must be able to transport the catapult on and off the field of competition.  This time we are going to be a little more open since this is our first time.


The catapult must be based on a design used during medieval times.  NO Springs, bungees, rubber bands, etc... allowed.  We will be launching soft ball sized projectiles.  Projectiles will be provided to ensure fairness.




First competition will be for distance.  Farthest projectile wins.  


Second competition will be for accuracy.  We will set up a target.  Closest to target wins.   Extra points if you take out the target.


Third will be over all presentation.  This will included over all presentation of the catapult and crew based on medieval theme.



Mote Race:


We have customized a mote race based on the gutter race idea.  We will two water tracks set up in a square.  The object is to get your boat around the track the fastest by blowing on the sale of the boat.  You can find examples of the gutter races on youtube.


We will do them in heats just like the cars.






All boats must be made of wood of some type.

Mast must not be more then 8" above the deck of the boat

The mast can be no more that 6' at its widest point


Remember the boat will have to make turns so keep this in mind when you design the boat.  The videos you see will only show straight gutter races.  All boats are wind powered.  The boys can not touch the boat at any time.  A commander will right the boat if it capsizes. 


Contest: Will have two contest for Mote Races: Fastest boat and Best presentation (presentation is for both the boat and the crew).  Each entry must have his own boat.


If you have any question please let us know.  It is new to us so please remember its all about having fun and giving the boys a great weekend.  IF we have enough we may also run a relay race with each boy taking a side of the mote.

Email Terrell Nixon - terrell@uglymold.com - if you have questions.

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