Clyde Andrews – He was made District Commander because of his love for the ministry.  He was not the instructor or teacher sort of guy.  He powered thru most any obstacle with love and perseverance.  It was during his administration that we grew from the small Royal Ranger Ranch near Clanton to the present site in Springville.  The site was an abandoned strip-mine that had been forged into a hunting camp by a retired doctor.  The site was rather overgrown, abandoned and in a word…ROUGH.  The lake was its most significant feature.

Cmdr. Andrews mustered the vision of a real soul saving station that could be forged out of this wilderness.  He loved it all…but his true heart was most revealed in the ‘Stones of Remembrance.’  He wanted very salvation to be remembered by a boy placing a stone at that site as a reminder that this was the time and place where he gave his heart to Jesus.

The Camp – There was hardly a trail to get around the property – by 4-wheel drive or on foot.  At best you could say rugged.  A very few homes were in the area, no utilities on the site, and heavy, heavy undergrowth.  So, as Royal Rangers, we went to work.  At first, we cleaned the property around the Lake.  It was a tough beginning.

Cmdr. Andrews guided a gigantic clean out operation around Trucks Lake (now Lambert Lake) where we had a number of really picturesque camps and Powwows.  Once the lake area was clean, Rangers moved to the current site of Camp Lone Eagle, where we began all over.  Cmdr. Andrews was holding to his vision of establishing a real soul saving station.  We had the location, we had the desire, we had the hope…but not much else.  We started from scratch to raise the money, time and effort to create access, roads, water, power, campsites and finally to recapture the massive strip mine site that is now Brock Gorge.  That is where the story of all the other contributors came into this vision.  Cmdr. Andrews was not very keen on the details of what and how, but he believed. 

The vision grew into a reality when the plan of its full development came into being.  With that plan, Camp Lone Eagle appeared.  It was named in honor of him…Clyde “Lone Eagle” Andrews.  He of course was thrilled and blessed…but his heart was still, and always, focused on the souls of boys.

We can enjoy this camp today because of the vision of “Lone Eagle”. 

Mountain View Rd, Odenville, AL 35120


As we move into 2022 there will be some adjustments to the way we utilize Camp Lone Eagle. In the past, Alabama Royal Rangers coordinated the use of the campground with Springville Camp & Conference Center (SCCC) for The Great Adventure (formally PowWow); Creek Chapter would do the same for Frontier Adventure/Trace, etc., and outposts or sections would do the same.

Beginning immediately, everyone who wants to use the camp for any reason, will coordinate through Alabama Royal Rangers, and not directly with SCCC. We are in the process of appointing the contact person, and will let you know as soon as they are in position. This will let our leaders know what is going on at the camp at all times and will alleviate any scheduling issues or confusion. Each of our camps have expenses, and that is why we have camp fees. You will see an adjustment in some of them, because of the new way of conducting business with SCCC. We have always had monthly costs whether we used the camp or not. Now those costs are going away for Rangers, but we will be paying for things as we use the camp. We have special rates for any district or sectional event. Outposts can use Camp Lone Eagle, but will also need to coordinate with Alabama Royal Rangers.

2022 Fees are as follows:
District/Sectional Events

– $5 per person/per night

Alabama Chartered Outposts
– $5 per person/per night

– $85 for Headquarters Building

– $35 per bath house

Non-Chartered Outposts

– $7 per person/per night

– $85 for Headquarters Building

– $35 per bath house