William Cook – Cmdr. Cook was a short heavy gentleman with a contagious smile.  He loved this ministry like no other.  He would give of himself and his time…seemingly endlessly.  In the 1980-2000 era the ministry was barely able to support itself and grow at the same time.  He saw that need and elected to try and fill it.  And he did.

We were trying to hold down the cost of attending Powwow.  We were hovering at about $17 per boy… and not breaking even.  Many times, the RR Leaders would access the need at the end of Powwow and simply pass the hat in a circle with each one dumping in what he could.  We would continue to pass the hat within the circle until the need was met.  Cmdr. Cook took action.  He set up a refreshment stand – all his own idea.  Within a year he had things going.  He even purchased a small odd shaped piece of ground nearby for his tiny travel trailer so he could be here easy and often.  Each year he would turn in $400. Then $500. Then $600. Then $700 so that the leadership no longer had to foot the cost themselves.  He would smile so broadly at the look of amazement on our faces when he flopped his cash receipts bag on the table.  How he loved this ministry.  He was not the most skilled, or crafty, or gifted. But he could do something …. And he did.  We have seldom seen a man with so little who gave so much.

We know his Heavenly reward will the fantastic!!