Billy Glover – Rev. Glover was the Men’s Ministry director at the time of the building of Camp Lone Eagle.  He was our chief administrator.  He was the go between to get holy water on our projects and activities.  

We had the main road coming in (Lambert Lane) but there was an old logging road that peeled off the south side going down the apron of the property that connected to Cherokee Lane (now HighLand Trail).  We felt it would be good to have it developed as a return road.  Drive into the camp on Lambert, unload your campers and supplies and then exit on that back road.  It would eliminate the need of a wider set of roads as they were all single lane.  That would make most everything a one-way drive thru – eliminating traffic issues.

He listened carefully to the plan and agreed to the concept.  We offered to name it Glover’s Glide.  He quickly stated that it was not an issue…but there was a small hint of a grin.  We named it that.

As time went on and money for road development got thin that project got a little soft.  We did keep it clean and usable with a bush hog and clippers…but it never got the full development proposed. It seems that more of our company became vehicle dependent and didn’t want to exit to park.  So, the demand for that additional passage dwindled.  No reflection on him…just less demand.  But it remains at a demarcation and reminder of Bro. Glover and what he did for the ministry.