John Robinson – Cmdr. Robinson is the longest serving District Commander in Alabama Royal Rangers history.  Having served since 2009, he is still serving.  He did not have anything to do with creating Camp Lone Eagle because it had just been established when he became a commander in 1991.  God has given him a heart for the Royal Rangers ministry and the men and boys who make it up.  The Alabama Royal Rangers honored him in 2020 by changing the name of a camp road, the Cherokee Trail, to the HighLand Trail, from his FCF name of HighLand Spirit.

During his tenure as District Commander there have been some notable improvements to Camp Lone Eagle.  The Panther Pavilion and Creek Forge were built during his time.  Also, there is work being done to establish a shipping container storage area in the Schramm Lot.  Recently, the roads have drastically been improved with road grating and donations of crusher rock.  Repairs have been done to the HardRock Hilton, as well as a deck off of the kitchen area being built.  Lights and larger hot water heaters have been added to the bathhouses.  With all of these improvements, God has blessed Camp Lone Eagle well.  Very little money had to be raised to create these incredible improvements.  Cmdr. Robinson is always looking for the next camp improvement.  Keep your eyes peeled for a FCF cabin, or teaching pavilions, or beautification of the Stones of Remembrance.

This leader has been recognized with numerous national recognitions, the Royal Rangers Alumni Lifetime Service Award, the FCF Flame of Honor and Outstanding FCF Service Award, the National Outstanding Service Award, a regional award, the Regional Outstanding Service Award, and both state awards, Alabama’s Mighty Man Award and the Lone Eagle Leadership Award.