Jim Dobbins – Cmdr. Dobbins became the District Commander after Cmdr. Rylant and served in this position from 2004-2009.  He was the problem fixer.  He corrected matters from a to z that had needed attention and or repair.  It was during his administration that disaster struck our world…KATRINA!

We had a host of issues to resolve: sectional camps, district camps, national events, and personal stories as well.  Cmdr. Dobbins had a quick and decisive manner.  Once he understands an issue…he can offer a great solution.

Amid the upheaval of those times, he simply divided the resources.  He put some on one track and some on another. We had a strong contingent on site at the Katrina landfall on the Mississippi coast.  We did a lot, a lot of work to help folks as a Royal Ranger ministry outreach. He was able to get things done on multiple issues all at the same time.  And while the work crew was in Mississippi, another contingent from Alabama represented the state at the Territorial Rendezvous. 

During this time ‘Paint Ball” was the rage.  We had paint ball morning, noon and night.  The site available to make it interesting and not involve those uninvolved or suited up – became our battle site…which we named “Jim Battle.”  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.  There were some ‘wise-guys’ who were doing this with good head gear but only a tee-shirt on their upper body.  There were some really smart whacks that drew up blisters!  If you are too near…that can really smart!  Of course, Cmdr. Dobbins would have none of that.  He required better skin cover…and if you got whacked…you had asked for it. 

So, the site “Jim Battle.”  He of course was much, much more than that but the name stuck.  He is really known as “Chuck Wagon” … a tremendous outdoor cook.  He did not have to cook for the entire Powwow, but he has cooked many a meal for our FCF activities.