Rev John Loper – Rev Loper was the assistant District Superintendent during the development period of the 1990s when Camp Lone Eagle and the full Royal Ranger encampment was under construction.  A large portion of the mountain beside Brock Gorge had to be bulldozed into the crater.  It was a long arduous and political morass.  All kinds of ‘mother-may-I’s had to be bridged. We could not have asked for a stronger advocate and encourager in our leadership circles.  He went to bat for us time and again to see that we got a good place to build our vision.

Not only was he a make it happen guy he had support at every turn.  Amid any sort of gathering of our District leadership he was always quick to recognize the Rangers.  He would introduce us to any and everybody who came near.

It became our honor to name the road crossing Brock Gorge after him as a token of our appreciation for his support.