Steve Lolley – Cmdr. Lolley came to the Ranger ministry full of ideas, plans, workarounds, connections, plans to make connections, and a real smooth manner of getting to people to get things done.  He innovated and created plans and activities like no other.  He became District Commander in 1996 and did developmental innovations for four years prior to the administration of Cmdr. Mickey Rylant.

He really surprised the entire ministry by bringing in a professional wrestling event.  He had a ring, the wrestlers, the program, and the umphs to pull it off…and he did. There were miles and miles of laughter and joking about the event.  In the end it had a spiritual motive that worked.

He brought in new and different ideas on how to get involvement and participation…bicycles, games, events we had not dreamed of.  

At that time, we were needing to develop additional camp site space. The most likely and convenient had to be entered by vehicle near the Summer’s Gate and drive down that ridge to the lower end.  Then access to the headquarters and camp activities became a trail right up to the HQ door.  That access path was a bit steep and quick…and ultimately got the name of Steve’s Slide.