Rev. Jim Summers – He operated a very effective substance abuse corrections ministry for 50 years.  Amid that time, he developed a deep appreciation for the Ranger Ministry, and knew…If we did the job we were hoping to do…we would lessen the burden on his ministry of correcting things.

He not only became his own RR Commander, but had a great Outpost.  He was helping Rangers it seems more than we were helping him.  He had a great 110-acre property.  He would have deeded part of it to Royal Rangers, but we felt that was too much.  Instead, we asked that we just be allowed to use it for outings and activities, which he was thrilled to do.

Not only that, but he was a great help in building and establishing Camp Lone Eagle.  He would bring the students in his ministry (15-20) and his equipment down to Springville (at his own expense) and worked clearing campsites, putting in the water lines, working on the HQ building, and more.  On a particular occasion be brought down his trencher for us to lay in over 1000 feet of water main, in a driving rain.  He was right there in the ditch, mud, rock, trash and clay.  He had a heart for souls, and this was one way to make the ministry successful.  Bro Jim put on an annual Old Fashion Farm Day Ranger event that became a mainstay and a Tennessee Valley fall camp.  Each year the event begins with a Ranger camp and ends with a day at the OMA Farm for the community.