Rev. George Walter – Bro Walter – “Mr. Alabama Royal Ranger”.  He went to Springfield for his training and certification and when he drove his old Volkswagen across the state line, he was the first Alabama Royal Ranger.  He put things into gear with a bang.  The first big thing he did was get a horse and covered wagon.  He drove it up and down the streets telling the world about this wonderful Ranger program he had begun.  Boys came running to get into his wagon for the Ranger meeting, and afterwards he drove them back home.  Needless to say, his action really paid off.  He had the ministry rolling in short order.

True to what he was and how he worked, he readily had other men trained.  He immediately turned the leadership over to others, who were to carry on.  He aided and encouraged the men and boys from behind the scenes for years.  Bro Walter would spot strengths in others that he could nurture, would carefully mentor leaders needing help, without them being aware of what he was doing.  He operated so smoothly you hardly knew that he was helping you advance.

Bro Walter had the insight of the real power to train leaders rather than train followers.  Without question he remains the Father of Royal Rangers in this District.  He faithfully served as District Commander, by virtue of his District position as Men’s Ministries Director, from 1962-1970.